Romantic activities couples can do in Paris

A romantic stroll together

Paris after dark is gorgeous and merely taking a walk with your loved one along the twilight of Paris can be an unforgettable experience.

Eating out at a romantic restaurant

Paris is filled with various posh restaurants, bistros, cafes and more, all revolving around a romantic atmosphere. You can determine an apt eatery based on your budget, taste buds and partner’s needs. Paris even has pitch dark eateries which enable you and your partner to experience something new together.

Enjoy a mesmerizing panoramic view of the city

There is nothing more romantic than soaking in the panoramic view of Paris with your partner on your side. Paris offers many such breath-taking spots. For example, dining in the Michelin restaurant in the Eiffel tower or going all the way top of the tower. You can enjoy romantic views from the Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre as well.

Watching a show together

Paris can be the right destination to enjoy a romantic show or play with your partner along your side. You and your partner can decide what to watch from the numerous choices available, such as operas, theatre, concerts, and cabaret shows.

Indulge in a boat tour or cruise

Calmly floating over the Seine, while enjoying romantic and picturesque scenery and holding your loved one on the chest is insanely passionate. Not only is it romantic, but boat tours also enable you to get a view while exploring the inner beauty of the city. If you are looking for a more romantic atmosphere, you can consider availing a romantic evening boat tour while enjoying the local cuisine and floating over the twilights of the city.

Watch an old movie at a vintage Parisian cinema

If you and your partner share a flame for cinemas, consider watching a classic film at an old cinema theatre such as the city of lights. Experiencing a classic cinema together is quite romantic regardless of the common misconception. During summertime, the experience can be enhanced by watching films in open roof terraces.


 Picnic in a garden

Pack your basket with a bottle of wine and few snacks and tend to go to the city’s numerous beautiful gardens. Get comfortable with each other while basking in the beauty of the trees, birds chirping and breeze through your hair.

Traditional Parisian café

Simple visiting a conventional café and bistro while sharing a hot cup of chocolate or coffee spark up some of the most intimated conversations between you two due to its romantic atmosphere.


Foods you have to eat in Paris


The caramel sweets from Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger are merely beyond words as one cannot describe the experience of slow-melting caramel, of pure buttery flavor and texture bound to leave you in a state of trance. Recommended choices of caramel are ginger and natural.

Bordier butter

Butter in Paris is nowhere similar to the butter you get at home. French classic butter, Le Beurre Bordier is fantastic and bound to the foodie in you ecstatic. Such butter is of super smooth texture and rich in delicious buttery flavor. Eating simple dishes such as bread and butter with Bordier butter is ridiculously delicious.

Baguette, pain au chocolat, and pastries

If you have a sweet tooth, then Paris is the right destination to exemplify that. Paris has many of the finest artisan bakeries in the world specializing in baguettes and various sort of creamy, delicious pastries. The baguettes in France are of superior quality which is crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Pastries, croissants and what not are filled with delicious cream, light as air and melt in your mouth.


Paris is no short of amazing chocolates. Some of the best and world-renowned chocolatiers such as Jacques Genin, Jean Charles Rochoux, Patrick Roger, Frank Kestener, Pierre Marcolini have some of the best combination of dark chocolates, truffles, white chocolate coated in various caramel layers, luscious marshmallows, hazelnuts and more, bound to make your eyes roll over when savoring such chocolaty heavens.

Cheese from Laurent Dubois

If you are going to have cheese, have it from the best in the field. Laurent Dubois in Paris has a designated outlet full of various artisan cheeses of multiple shapes, flavours, and age. At this shop, you are greeted by a cheese consultant to help you determine the best cheese suited for your taste buds.

L’avant Comptoir wine bar

L’avant Comptoir is one place you cannot miss out when you’re in Paris. The restaurant offers some of the best natural wine brews served along with lip-smacking side dishes. The restaurant and bar serve delicious food with a unique atmosphere to it.


Although you get macarons almost everywhere else, the macarons you get in Paris are just out of this world. The macarons here are a bit hard on the exterior and incredibly mushy and soft inside accompanied by a sweet and mouth-watering filling of ganache, jam or buttercream. Savoring French made macarons is going to leave a permanent sensation in your taste buds.