Common French stereotypes

French people wear berets

It is quite common to picture the typical French citizen wearing a beret along his or her attire. Unfortunately, this is no true, as most people do not wear berets and those who do serve the government and armed forces. Generally, senior citizens have been seen to wear such accessories, accompanied by those who want to make a fashion statement.

French people stink

It is a frequent misconception in the West that the French generally stinks due to their stinky diet of smelly cheese and onions. However, it is no true as over 57 percent of citizens shower daily and applies deodorant. Just because one or two people stink, isn’t a big enough reason to blame the entire French citizens.

French people are rude

On the contrary, French people are considered to be extremely polite, smiling all the time, use common hand gestures and make a lot of facial expressions bound to make us laugh rather than irritate us. However, you are required to be polite in order to receive a polite and courteous reply as well.

The French only listen to accordion music

It is unfortunate to know that many of the common stereotypes and myths of the French have been based from the late 1900s, and still stick on to the minds of many. France like other nations has its own unique and diverse taste of music. But, no, the French do not mainly listen to accordion music.

French women don’t shave

With the rise and pressure of beauty standards among women, nearly 80 percent of all French women shave. While there may exist a handful of women who rarely shave their underarms and legs, owing to such stereotype, easily disregarding the rest 80 percent and sticking on the 20.

The French hate Americans

The French love the American in many ways, such as their classic films, fast food chains, and music. However, the French do have their share of undesirable aspects of the Americans, such as their president, government policies and how they tend to express themselves as loud and rude. But it is not enough to claim that the French hate the Americans.

The French are the most romantic people in the world

The French are known to be very open about their sexuality and tend to romanticize a lot. Although true to an insignificant proportion, the majority of the percentage of French people are not that romantic and prefer casual sex over long term relationships.


The French love to eat frog legs

Although the delicacy frog’s leg does exist on specific restaurant menus, it is not as famous and frequently consumed like the stereotype claims. General French citizens prefer chicken, pork, and beef while there may be a handful that prefers such rare delicacies.