Interesting facts about France

France is the most popular tourist attraction in the whole wide world

A recent survey confirmed that an approximate figure of 83.7 million tourists had visited France, thus making it the most tourist visited country in the world.

France is the most substantial country of the EU, depicting a hexagon shape

France spreads over an extensive area of over 551,000 square kilometers making it the biggest member nation of the EU. France is said to constitute a fifth of the entire size of the EU nations. Moreover, due to its six sides, it earned the nickname, L’hexagone.


Did you know that Louis XIX was proclaimed king of France for a mere 20 minutes

Regarded as the shortest ruling in the history of the nation, Louis XIX came into power in 1830 and decided to abdicate himself over his cousin, the Duke of Bordeaux.

The national motto of France is Liberty, equality, and fraternity

The sense of brotherhood is regarded as the national motto of France. It is a fact that the entire legal system in France is moreover based on Napoleon Bonaparte’s civil code implemented in the late 1800s.

The French army was the first army to avail camouflage in World War 1

The French were the first ones to implement the idea of camouflaging their troops and vehicles behind enemy lines in order to maintain the element of surprise and stealth. The word camouflage is a French word meaning to dress up for play. Those who formulated such camouflage paints and uniforms were called camofleurs.

In the nation of France, it is technically legal to marry a deceased person

Marrying a dead person in exceptional cases is legal. The rules state that if the person can prove that the deceased individual had the intention of marrying the latter with significant proof and after gaining the President’s permission can get legally hitched.

France was the first nation to ban supermarkets from destroying excessive or unsold items

France took the first step in prohibiting food wastage by preventing supermarkets from dumping their unsold food items in the trash and instead diverts such food to the needy and charitable organizations. It was implemented in February 2016.

Europe’s highest mountain peak exists in the French Alps

France’s Mont Blanc stands at an astonishing vertical length of over 4,810m above sea level, thus making it the highest mountain peak of all of Europe.

Tour de France has existed for more than 100 years

It is intriguing to know that the famous French cycling race, Tour de France which requires cyclists to cycle over 2000 miles across France throughout 23 days. The first Tour de France took place on 1st July 1903.