Must see French films of all time

Mesrine: killer instinct and public enemy

The film is a total entertainer revolving around a thrilling genre based on the true-life crimes of Jacques Mesrine. The film is bound to lure audiences to the tip of their chairs. Jean Francois Richet directed the movie while Vincent Cassel plays the main antagonist. The film has won numerous French Oscars.

Entre Les Murs- The class

Directed by Laurent Cantet, the film revolves around a realistic storyline of how a bunch of troubled ethnically diverse students is guided and shown the path by their French teacher. A clever combination of comedy, honesty, and reality, the film has won special nominations at Cannes.

Etre et Avoir- to be and to have

This peaceful, mellow and simple documentary released in 2002, doesn’t involve anything fancy. Instead, it is very humble sweetened by the genuine joy of children and the calm dedication of the teacher in a simple setting. The film is more of a feel-good cinema and is bound to make you enjoy the little things in life.

Les Intouchables

The film made headlines by discussing the hidden issues or racism and difficulties faced by the disabled. The storyline narrates about a North African Negro becoming the carer of a disabled billionaire and their adventure together.


The notoriously gruesome film comes with a warning for the faint-hearted. The movie based on a horror foundation does depict some genuine and hidden subtopics of friendship, guilt and human limits. It is about a female friendship from various dimensions.

Les Choristes- the chorus

The musical film is about a French conductor who returns home to attend his mother’s funeral and upon doing so meets his old friend and stumbles upon their late teacher’s diary, which then leads to the production of some emotional and beautiful music. The music composed in the film was nominated for two Oscars.


The film narrates about the realities of the day to day of work of the French police’s child protection unite. It observes scenes where the cops deal with post-trauma of children abused, separated from their mothers and fathers. It is well played by a good set of casting as well.


The compelling film depicting the difficulties of an aged couple after the woman sustains a stroke is bound to make a few tears fall and leave your throat dry. Directed by Michael Haneke, the film was won many special nominations and best foreign film Oscar.