Things France does better than any other nation


No other country produces over 246 varieties of cheese. Making ripe and delicious cheese is a part of France’s heritage and makes it the ultimate cheese producer and prime destination of cheese lovers all over the world.


Paris is one of the prime shopping destinations in the world. Every shopaholic knows that every designer brand along with the most exclusive designer wear, perfumes, lingerie, shoes, boots and what not are exclusively available here. As they say, Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world.


Paris is home to many culturally and historically critical museums such as the Louvre, which holds countless and timeless masterpieces of western civilization. The Loire Valley has many beautiful medieval structures and castles that depict the renaissance period, architecture and history of kings.


Did you know that the French trains are much faster than your typical airplanes? The French love to enjoy the slow life while traveling fast. The TGV or train a grand Vitesse which translates into high-speed train will enable you to cross country travel within very short periods.

Traffic jams

The French don’t seem to drive with proper driving etiquettes like other nations as they tend to avoid the acknowledgment of other cars on the road and drive according to their will. Moreover, they are known to make some ridiculous blocks and traffic jams, particularly on national holidays which last over hours. This is more of a criticism than rewarding the French.


The French are very polite and capable of being dismissive as well, in a rather polite way. When talking to the French, it is advised to greet them with a loud and clear Bonjour or Bonsoir, which means good morning or good evening.  In other words, you give respect and take respect with the French.


French men and women are generally considered sexy all over the world for their attractive French accent along with their classy and designer fashion sense. Moreover, the French are not shy about their sexuality and instead promote it as a way of life.


Some of the most elite designer brands are all French. Top fashion luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc. are all based on Paris. It is no wonder the French people dress ridiculously good.


It is a fact that slowly and progressively French products are taking over most of the economy. The French were the initial ones to bring in Globalization through their advanced system of sewers. Now, the majority of the fashion brands, cosmetics, electricity, army supplies, and transportation systems are sourced from the French.