Things tourists should never do in France

Never undermine how far knowing a few French words can go

Although the French prefer to speak in their native language, the majority of them do know a few words in English and will tend to entertain tourists with it. But when a tourist learns a few basic and essential French words like Bonjour, merci, au revoir can command great deal respect from the French.

Don’t excessively waive in a hotel to get a waiter’s attention

When at a restaurant, there are a few etiquettes to know before dining. This involves being seated in your table and waiting for the waiter to greet you. In case, they do not notice you; you can make small facial gestures accompanied by a slight raise of the hand. Anything over that is rude and can ruin the service.

Avoid speaking louder than everyone else, particularly at night

It is common courtesy among the French to maintain minimal sound levels, mainly when talking after dark. Often, those who speak the loudest are tourists themselves. Tend to avoid making loud conversations to prevent angry French people coming up to you and saying so.

Never take your phone out or leave it at the table when having a meal with friends

It is considered to be the epitome of rudeness to sue the phone while enjoying a meal or drinking a coffee alone. Although it may not make sense to all, it is recommended to abide such rules when in France.

Don’t expect a sizeable savory breakfast

The French are not big breakfast people as they resort to having something sweet such as a croissant along with a cup of coffee. It is very rare to enjoy a sizeable savory meal consisting of eggs and bacon in the morning. They instead indulge in heavy meals during lunch and dinner.

Do not think you can eat out anytime

The French typically have designated times to order out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beyond such said time makes it difficult in getting food. Lunchtime usually is from noon to two pm while dinner is served from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Never assume vehicles will stop automatically at pedestrian crossings

Although pedestrian crossing exists in the roads, no vehicle will stop on purpose and wait for pedestrians to cross. Instead, pedestrians rather signal their intent to cross the street with a hand stop sign gesture.

Don’t get excessively drunk

The French are well-behaved people. They do not drink to till the point they forget about their names, but instead, have minimal amounts just to socialize and unwind from stress.