Top French Cities to experience the Best Nightlife



·        Le Duc des Lombards

Since1984, the club has been one of the most prominent jazz spots in the city. If you wish to soak in jazz music while unwinding on a glass of whiskey, this is the place for you.

·        Au Lapin Agile

Those who wish to indulge in live theatrical performances while swinging around with a drink hand; this is the place for you. The Au Lapin Agile is said to be the oldest running cabaret in the whole of France since it was recorded to come into existence in 1860 and since been serving live entertainment, alcohol, and gourmet food.


·        Paddy’s corner

A local’s favorite, Paddy’s corner is always bustling with an ecstatic crowd and is one of the best places to make new friends. Moreover, the bar is famous for its happy hours after 5, followed by live band music.

   Paddy's corner

·        Hot club Lyon

Open from dusk to near dawn; the hot club Lyon is another prominent jazz destination for jazz lovers. Since 1948, the club has hosted many famous artists followed by a crowd swinging to their rhythmic movement.


·        Carry nation

Marseilles has some of a unique nightlife considering that carry nation functions around a1920s bar theme. Those who only mention the correct code are allowed near the bar to choose their drink.


·        Polikarpov

The club is home to a typical electronic music theme where its party goers get high on cheap alcohol, dance wildly and make friendships with nearby strangers. The bar is dimly lighted with a smooth and low beat atmosphere and is open from morning to late night.


·        Au Fut et a mesure

The ridiculously fun bar is open 24 hours a day and what’s even better is that it lets you become your own bartender. This means no standing in irritating lines, holding your money in cash and calling out the bartender. Here you can serve yourself unlimited beer till your card limit gives up.

·        Le Chalet Club

The massive nightclub is definitely one to visit as the partying does not stop till four in the morning. The club is so massive that it has over two large bars accompanied by various themed dance clubs, such as techno, retro, EDM, etc.


·        Vintage bar

The rather lively club is unique as it offers a wide range of music from soul, folk, rock, and reggae. Moreover, the bar offers over 150 varieties of rum accompanied by their all-time favorite Belgian tap beer.

·        L’Iboat

The three-level ferry enables its party-goers to enjoy the best seaside disco experience and bar while soaking in the culture and beauty of the city.